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Standard Airex Evaporative Cooling Systems

Airex Evaporative Cooling Systems
Airex Evaporative Cooling Systems

Designed for industrial and commercial use, our uniquely designed evaporative cooling systems come in 14 Standard sizes up to 100,000 cfm. Every cooling unit is engineered to ensure even water distribution, preventing entrainment and moisture.

We offer two styles of evaporative cooling systems, including:
  1. Spray Air Washer Systems – Designed for use in numerous industrial applications, our spray air washer systems contain a series of spray nozzles which add moisture to cool and humidify the air while removing particulates.
  2. Top Distribution Systems - Water is applied on top of the evaporation media via a PVC clamshell and distribution pad. This allows service access from either upstream or downstream locations.
  • Full wetted coverage of media optimizes efficiency
  • Designed to eliminate water carry-over, an advantage over top water distribution models
  • Rapid response to staged humidification controls
Additional Equipment Available:
  • Munters Celdek® & Glasdek® Evaporative Media
  • Matching Transitions & Structural Bases
  • Intake Hoods or Intake Louvers
  • Pre-filtered/Access Sections
  • Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel Construction
Advantages of Mountain States Evaporative Spray Cooling Systems:
  • Even water distribution system prevents entrainment
  • Easier staging for humidification controls
  • Simplified and accurate controls
  • Effective air washing to remove particulates from the air
Benefits of Evaporative Cooling Systems:
  • Reduced energy use
  • Lower operating costs
  • Environmentally sound
  • No ozone depleting CFCs
  • Comfort cooling of employees
  • Increases worker productivity
  • Low initial cost; positive return on investment

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